Better Health Clinic

Better Health Clinic

The Better Health Clinic is a specialised clinic that manages Chronic Disease. We have employed a Chronic care nurse who supervises and runs our Better Health Clinic for those patients who have a chronic disease.

We are able to provide those patients with the most support possible at no out of pocket cost to the patient, which allows us to ensure patients are armed with the best information to self-manage their disease.

A chronic disease is one defined as being present for 6 months or predicted to be present for at least 6 months, by the GP.

Meet The Staff

Dr Jehan Phillips

Family Practitioner

Dr Bianca Perera

Family Practitioner

Dr Vasuki Annamalai

General Practitioner

Ath Duncombe

Practice Manager


Registered Nurse


Enrolled Nurse


Medical Receptionist


Medical Receptionist